Kumihimo Tip: An Easy Way to Measure the Depth of a Clasp

When making a beaded braid, we usually start with an unbeaded length of braid. If using a glue-in clasp, this will go into the opening.

But how deep is the clasp opening and how long should I burn or cut the cord end so it fits right into the clasp?

Here’s one easy way to measure:

Insert a toothpick into the clasp opening. Mark the toothpick with a pen at the point where it emerges from the clasp. This is the depth of the clasp.

Measuring 1

Use the marked toothpick as a guide against the cord end. I burn my cord just a bit below the marked length. That will make sure the cord end is just shorter than the depth of the clasp and unbeaded braid won’t show.


All done and ready to wear.

Turquoise Lentil Kumihimo Cuff


4 thoughts on “Kumihimo Tip: An Easy Way to Measure the Depth of a Clasp”

  1. Thank you! I’m new at this and that’s been a question my friend and I have been asking ourselves. I’ve been trying to figure it out by placing the braid end next to the clasp as I work but that’s still just a guess. This is much better!

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