Little Beads, Big Beads – Part 1

Kumihimo Crystal Pearl NecklaceRSD-Crystal Pearl

Combining large and small beads on the same braid can be a great way to add texture and interest.  I could randomly put beads on the cords and see what happens (and it’s always great to experiment!), but I prefer to have a plan.

I like order and structure, so I try to formulate a strategy for the result I want.

There are many strategies for organizing large and small beads so that they fit nicely in the braid. Large beads can cause cord to show, but there are ways to reduce it.

One simple strategy is to work with a stripe pattern: one size, shape, or color bead on the North and South cords, and a different size, shape, or color bead on the East and West cords.  Using all seed beads, it looks like this:


By changing out the some of the seed beads, I created this Crystal Pearl necklace with the same basic pattern idea. (See below for printable pattern).

RSD-Crystal Pearl

For this pattern, I used 8/0 seed beads on the North and South cords.  On two East/West cords, I used 4mm crystal (glass) pearls. On the remaining two East/West cords, I used 3mm crystal (glass) bicone beads.  This pattern works nicely with 5mm pearls, too.

The cords are pretty well hidden, the larger pearls add texture, and the bicones add some sparkle.

Download the pattern here:

Kumihimo Crystal Pearls Necklace Pattern

Happy Braiding!


5 thoughts on “Little Beads, Big Beads – Part 1”

  1. Thanks for the great pattern. I hope you’ll continue posting tips and tricks. Your writing style is really easy to understand and your work is just beautiful!!


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