Easy Kumihimo Wrap Bracelet

Slim beaded Kumihimo wrap bracelets make quick and easy gifts. I made several of these while traveling this past winter.  A few loaded disks, and I’m set to go in a car or plane.

wrap with crystal

Bead mixes make them even easier. Here I used some Miyuki bead mixes. You can make your own bead mixes with leftover beads, or use simple patterns like dots or stripes so bead loading is uncomplicated.

wrap with wm

Here’s my basic recipe for a simple double wrap bracelet:

Download a printable version here: RSD-Kumihimo Wrap Bracelet Recipe

You’ll need:

9-10 grams 11/0 seed beads
Tex-135 (Fine) nylon cord (C-lon or S-lon)
3 or 4mm end caps
5 or 6mm jump rings
Extender chain (optional)
Lobster clasp (12mm is a good size, but any size will work)
Kumihimo disk, bobbins, and counterweight (1/2 ounce – 14 grams – works well)
Cord burner or sharp scissors
Cord stiffener like Fray Check, or a medium collapsible eye needle (optional)
Adhesive such as 5 minute 2-part epoxy (recommended) or E-6000

Cut 4 cords 84” each (213cm). Fold cords in half and tie together at the center point to make 8 warp cords. Position cords on the disk for an 8 warp braid (Kongoh Gumi).

Load approximately 125 beads on each cord. Wrap cords onto bobbins. You should have enough beads if you load about 7-1/2” (19cm) of beads on each cord.

Braid Kongoh Gumi (bottom left up, top right down, turn) with cords only to make a plain braid area of approximately 1/2” (1.25cm). Continue braiding, dropping a bead with each move, until the beaded braid area is 12-1/2” to 13” (31.75cm to 22cm) to fit an average 6 or 7 inch wrist. An extender can adapt the bracelet for a larger wrist.

Adjust: To make it smaller, just braid in fewer beads. Or load and braid more beads to make it longer. Before finishing, wrap the braid around your own wrist twice to test the length. Remember, you’ll add a clasp, jump rings, and perhaps extender chain, so don’t make it too long!

Braid without beads for another 1/2” (1.25cm) or so. Remove braid from the disk. Burn (or wrap and cut) the cord ends to fit inside the end caps. Glue ends into end caps with epoxy (best!) or E-6000. Let dry and cure for 24 hours. Add jump rings, clasp, and extender if using. You can add little charms and dangles to the jump rings for some extra embellishment.

All done!

Tip: To make a triple wrap bracelet, load 11-12” of beads (around 190 beads per cord) and braid until the beaded area is ~18 – 19” (45.75 – 48cm). Remember to cut your cords longer too.

Print or Download: RSD-Kumihimo Wrap Bracelet Recipe


7 thoughts on “Easy Kumihimo Wrap Bracelet”

  1. Thank you for the nice bracelet tutorial. I have made some bead soup with leftover 8/0 beads so I’ll just adjust the number of beads to the correct length. It will be simple loading with my bead spinner. Sometimes it’s really nice to be able to make pretty bracelets without having to spend a lot of time carefully counting and loading correctly. Kathleen


    1. I agree! It’s nice to just load the beads without a lot of counting. And no reason not to just spin on some 8/0s and just adjust the number of beads. When it’s the right length…it’s done! Enjoy!


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